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Students packing shoes for chesed

Ramaz is rooted in its commitment to menschlichkeit and helping those in need. Our students recognize the importance of emulating God through acts of loving-kindness. The chesed we strive to promote in our students is rooted in a sense of responsibility to serve the Jewish people and all of humanity -- leading with kindness to improve the world!

Giving a helping hand, making a positive change, and bringing happiness and warmth to others is the driving force of the Ramaz student body. HINENI is hearing the question and always being ready with the answer: Here I am, I'm ready, SEND ME.

Chesed News

students prepare meals for vulnerable people
students prepare meals for vulnerable people

This year for our senior grade community initiative we began a campaign to Fight Hunger. We kicked it off with a visit to Canstruction, a collaboration with City Harvest housed in the Financial District. It is a sculpture exhibit created using only canned food. All the cans are then donated to homeless shelters throughout NYC. For Thanksgiving the senior grade partnered with KJ and the Jewish Center Chesed Committees and cooked, baked, packed and delivered 73 Thanksgiving dinners...

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students smiling in gym with basketballs

On October 22, 2021, our 5th and 6th-grade students participated in a "Hoops for Chesed" free-throw competition.

We are so proud to share that with your help, our students have raised over $8,000 for the American Friends of Israel Sport Center for the disabled. These funds will cover the expenses of more than two specialized wheelchairs, a huge help for the children who frequent the center...

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