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Arts & Culture

MS Students on Stage

Ramaz's arts and culture programs are widely emulated: our students express themselves through choirs, musicals and dramatic plays, instrumental ensembles, the visual arts, and more. Being HERE for the arts means encouraging students to be inspired not only by tradition, but by the world around them and especially by their own imagination and experiences. Ramaz provides an environment in which students can freely and safely express a deeper part of themselves -- surrounded by the cultural riches that only New York City can offer.

Arts News

Third Graders Bring Biblical Stories to Life Through Art

Third Graders created art pieces to express the Biblical story of Avram and Sarai's changed names. In response to Avram successfully completing his sixth trial, Hashem rewarded him and Sarai by adding a letter from Hashem's name, "H," to each of their names, thus changing them to Avraham and Sarah. The students commemorated this crucial moment by creating their own artistic depictions of Avraham and Sarah's new names.

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Students Invent Robots in Drawings

Third graders are working on mixed-media robot drawings! They first learned that most robots have a specific function to do a specific job. Next, they looked at various vintage robot toys for inspiration and picked a unique function for their robot design. Geometric shapes were emphasized, as well as customized design features. We saw a burst of creative ideas that included...

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students playing on various instruments

RamJam is an often used title for the annual concert program that presents the faculty mentored high school music and dance ensembles to the Upper School student body and community. Most or all of the faculty-led groups perform from year to year, our High School Choir/Chamber Choir, Rock Band/Jazz Band, Guitar Ensemble, Dance Ensemble...

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