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Our Honorees

Having started teaching nursery over 25 years ago, Sharon Arnold has now taught all levels in the ECC. She has even taught her alumni’s children! As a current Kindergarten teacher, she is known for instilling a love of Shabbat and Chagim in her students, her fun experiments, and her incorporation of technology in the classroom. Her favorite thing about being in GenRMZ is the family-feel of Ramaz.

Tali Seinfeld has been a member of the Lower School family for nearly 25 years! During her time as a Jewish Studies teacher, she has instituted a Hebrew homework initiative, Yoman, a log where students keep track of the Hebrew date, weekly parsha, and write their assignements.  Tali also designed and implemented a Tefillah curriculum that helps students to better understand the meaning of and connect to the prayers. Her favorite part about being in GenRMZ is seeing the growth in all of her students!

When Tzipora Ross came to Ramaz over 25 years ago, she taught at the Lower School but saw an amazing opportunity with the opening of the Middle School and has been there ever since! Having been head of the history department and the Judaic Studies Coordinator, Tzipora has implemented an enriching Holocaust curriculum, while also teaching her beloved Gemara classes. Her favorite part about being in GenRMZ is the professionalism of the institution and the positive support that teachers receive.

Dr. Jon Jucovy has held many roles while working at Ramaz for over 40 years: teacher, mock trial coach, head of model Congress, history curriculum developer, and many more titles. Throughout all of his responsibilities, his main goal has always been to incite Historical Empathy in all of his students. His favorite part about being a member of GenRMZ is being able to tell his students’ parents how well they’ve done in their studies!

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