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The Ramaz Annual Campaign continues through June 30, 2023.

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Listing as of January 9, 2023

Legacy Circle

The Gottesman Fund
The Heyman Family      

Chairman's Circle

Amy A"H and James Haber
The  Kapito Family
Jaclyn and Gonen Paradis
Pamela '78 and George Rohr


Vanessa and Raymond Chalmé
Rachel and Joshua Crane '93


Beth and Nathan Cayre
Diana and Michael Epstein
Samantha and Jonathan Rubenstein
Randi and David Sultan
Eliana and Samuel Tisch
Rebecca and David Zwillinger


Grace and Jack Dayan
Jessica and Adam Kaplan
Lani and Jason Kollander
Diane '87 and David Rein
Erica '93 and Robert Schwartz
Seren and Michael Shvo
Heather and Benjamin Werber '95


Lynn and Benjamin Braka
Dalia and Joseph Cohen
Joan and Edward Cohen
Sherry and Neil Cohen
Rena Rosenberg and Roy Davidovitch
Nina and Mitchell Davidson
Sandy and Eli Dweck
Deborah and Eric Edell
Marjorie and David Silverman and
Elizabeth and Jeremy Falk '97 Families
Lorraine and David Gold
Sarah and Elie Hirschfeld
Laurie Kayden Foundation
Roberta Kaylie
Alan Kestenbaum
Joanna and Emil Kleinhaus '95
Alexandra and Kevin Nassimi
Shelley and Josef Paradis
Suzanne '92 and Robert Schwartz
Ilyssa and Evan Schwartzberg '98
Abigail '92 and Shai Tambor
Jodi and Adam Weinstein      


Deborah and Isaac Ash
Amy and Daniel Bursky '86
Lisa and Richard Cohen
Ivette and Isaac Dabah
Erica and Michael Distenfeld '01
Dena and Jonathan Dubroff
Tamar and Eric Goldstein
Carin and Eric Gribetz '91
Stephanie '06 and Leon Harary
Linda and Ilan Kaufthal
Rina and Zachary Kestenbaum '01
Kolatch Family Foundation
Lilly and Emil Lebovich 
Claudette Adams Levy ’04 and Maurice Levy
Audrey and Rabbi Haskel Lookstein '49
Julie and Steven Montague
The Propp Family
Meredith and Michael Rishty 
Rebecca '03 and Harry Ritter
Erica and Leor Sabetfard
Sheira and Steven Schacter '68
Albert Sebag
Rebecca '95 and Eric Senderowicz
Sirena Silber and Family
Bonnie and David Silvera
Evelyn '98 and Avi Spodek
Irit and Jonathan Tratt
Judy Schaer Wilner and Philip Wilner '75


Raquela and Avi Adelsberg
Lenore and Maurice Ades
The Adjmi Family 
Sophie and Jeanluc Berrebi
Sara and Mark Bloom
Gilly and Jonathan Cannon
Rita and Fred Distenfeld
Debbie '82 and Michael Doppelt
Fortunée and David Dushey
Perah '92 and David Dwek
Lauren and Michael Feit
Sheara Fredman
The Gruenstein Family
Michele '79 and Benjamin Hering
Dana '90 and Matthew Hiltzik '90
Susan and Bernard Hutman
Jeanne and Samuel Jemal
Sandra and Jeffrey Justin
Karin Charnoff-Katz and Joel Katz
Laura and Daniel Kaufthal ‘98
Riva and Jordan Kestenbaum
Rachel and Edgard Khafif
Julie and Reuben Kopel
Faye and Hartley Koschitzky
Kim and Jonathan Kushner
Amy and Darren Landy
Jenny and Marc Majzner
Michelle and Jack Maleh
Ariana and Eric Martz
Morgan and Eric Mendel
Lauren and Ezra Merkin '70
Jordana '01 and Avi Moche
Vivian and Jacob Muller
Vivian '03 and Ariel Nakash
Deborah and Randall North
Suzanne Dance and Andrew Obin
Natalie and Edward Ostad
Kim and Jason Ostheimer
Harriet and Allen Radin
Eleanore Reznik
Meredith and David Schizer
Ilana Brownstein and William Schubin
Sara '92 and Simon Shemia
The Jacob Silverman Charitable Trust
Lauren and Ronnie Simhon
Sisterhood Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
Robyn Price Stonehill '89 and David Stonehill '86
Carrie and Roberto Woldenberg
Jennifer and Jeremy Yashar
Tali and Eli Ziskind


Harvey Arfa
Mara and Elliot Attie
Stephanie '00 and Craig Basman
Joanne Assor and Tsion Bensusan
Norma and Hank Dweck
Gabriella and David Fridman '00
Danielle and Jason Friedman '91
Wendy '72 and Sholem Greenbaum
Meghan and Yoav Haron
Annie and Avery Katz '02
Abby and Joshua Kaufthal '92
Sherri and Alexander Libin '92
Jean and Armand z"l Lindenbaum
Julie Blinbaum ‘02 and Ethan Marcovici
Cindy '79 and Bruce Miller '78
Barrie and Eliot Peyser
Rebecca Feit and Rami Sasson


Elana and Aaron Abraham
Renee and Leon Adams
Nicole and Raanan Agus '85
Sara and Gregory Angrist
David Berman
Stephanie '05 and Igor Biselman
Lauren Brody
Odelya Pagovich '97 and David Dabscheck
Abigail and David Doft ‘89
Sheera and Kenny Eckstein '72
Judith and David Goldfinger
Nicole and Andrew Goletka
Sophia and David Gomberg
Linda and George Hiltzik 
Elizabeth and Shaun Honig '95
Helene and Harvey Kaminski
Marlowe and Ryan Klaus
Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum '78
Judy and David Lobel
Georgie and Rabbi Josh Lookstein '88
Caroline '90 and Morris Massel
Nicole and Tuvy Meyer
Sara Miller
Esther and M. David Muschel
Arielle and Natan Packin '01
Kim and Eric Rechtschaffen '02
Rachel and Jonathan Rosenfeld '94
Esther Buterman and Kenneth Rubinstein
Trudy and Sy z"l Sadinoff '53
Phylise and Richard Sands
Suzy and Joey Sokol '89
Stephanie and Mark Srulowitz
Victoria and Joseph Sutton
Elizabeth '96 and Joshua Trump
Daniella Fuchs and Jeffrey Wechselblatt '89
Lynn Bartner and Elisha Wiesel '90
Maureen Cronin-Rimon and Jack Zaremski-Rimon    


Heidi and Jeffrey Abraham
Regine and Jack Ashkenazie
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Lori Zeltser and Leonard Berman
Daniele '96 and Steven Bleier
Ruth '70 and Raymond Brenner
Suri and Kenneth Cohen
Hinda and Eugene Farber
Orit and Seth Gribetz '93
Pearl and Ron Gross
Laura '96 and Jonathan Heller
Kim Heyman
Henriette and Joseph Jemal
Stephanie and Bennett Katz '82
Eric Lerner
Wendy '91 and Adam Modlin
Judith and Joseph Packin
Jeanne and Adam Peldman
Sheldon Pike
Debora Benhabib-Puterman and Jeffrey Puterman
Alissa and Howard Shams
Esther and Victor Sigoura
Ellen Oppenheimer and Ken Tauber
Ellen '54 and Stanley Wasserman
The Weisberg Family
Jessica and Marcus Weiss


Fraidy and Rabbi Dovid Arfa '79
Judy and Kenneth Arfa '71
Marjorie and Neil Brenner '56
Geraldine and Jeremie Cohen
Michelle and Joseph Cohen
Eugenia '83 and Ira Davis '78
Nicole '88 and Mordecai Dicker '81
Nily and Daniel Essner '96
Nechama and Jason Fertig
Alexia and Daniel Ghadamian '01
Maeve z"l and Andrew Gyenes
Yael and Jeffrey Halaas
David Hiltzik '93 
Dina and Marshall Huebner
Ellen and Herbert Lepor
Jody and Elie Levine
Lee and Michael Lewittes '85
Marsha and Rabbi Jonathan Medows
Daphne Morduchowitz '95
New York Marriott Marquis
Chani and Daniel Oshinsky '86
Debra and Asher Roshanzamir
Sharon and Ryan Schwab ‘05
Tali Seinfeld
Rivka and Larry Sheldon
Amy and Jeremy Singer '88
Lisa and Mark Todes
Jacob and Marcia Toledano
Ariel '97 and Joshua Weiner '96
Evelyn '64 and Oscar Weiss '61 z"l
Deborah '88 and Marc Zimbler '84


Roberta '65 and Alan Aronoff
Danielle and Jonathan Auerbach
Julia '09 and David Baruch '09
Stephen Betesh
Nava and Daniel Bettinger
Gail Billig 
Yaira Singer '97 and Matthew Binstock
Rabbi Amy and Rabbi Scott Bolton
Jojo Chehebar
Talia '03 and Isaac Dayan
Hattie and Arthur Dubroff
Alison and Leo Esses '90
Jennifer and Avery Fischer
Maren Roccamonte and Jonathan Freedberg '94
Eric Gibbs
Kristina and Gary Goldenberg
Audrey and Mark Goldstein
Rhonda and Michael Gribetz
Esther and Leon Harary
Shirley Harrison
Judy and Hirshel Kahn
Karen and David Khayat
Ariella Lang and Alex Kornfeld
Debbie and Lee Krantzow
Adele and Jody Laboz
Ellen and Herbert Lepor
Mitchell Liebman 
Stephanie and Ronald Mann '72
Vivian and David Mark
Mindy and Fredric Miller
Nani Mintz
Stephanie and Jonathan More '99
Naomi and Noah Moss
Sarah '98 and Tzvika Nissel
Judith '92 and Daniel Ottensoser
Sharon and Jay Podolsky
Rena '93 and Jason Rosen
Julie and Edward Rubinchik
Danielle Sassoon '04 
Sheryl Scher
Erin and Eyal Seinfeld
Abbe '86 and Michael Serphos
Lauren Bochner and Jordan Sheff
Terry and Isaac Silvera '86
Naomi and Robert Spira '67
Aurora and Sander Srulowitz
Carla and Steven Tanz '85
Emily and Andrew Weiss
Tamar and David Wise
Carol Ochs Wurzburger '66 and Robert Wurzburger


Tammy and Michael Abdan
Karen and Mony Dan Abergel
Julie Gans and Andrew Ackerman
Philippe Adler
Jocelyn London '02 and David Adelsberg
Annette and David Araten 
Carmit and Georges Archibald
Shira '06 and Joshua Arcus
Talley Dabakarov and Yossi Assayag 
kolatcgNina '00 and Eliav Assouline
Beth and David Badner
Shira '83 and Lawrence Baruch
Frederic Baumgarten '67
Stacy and Thomas Behm
Eliette and Eric Bentolila
Leslie and Jeremy Berdugo
Renee and Michael Bernstein 
Sara Jacobson and Andrew Bienstock
Keren and Moshe Birnbaum
Elvira and Sheldon Botoshansky '66
Stacey Brisman
Laurie and Eli Bryk
Doina and Lawrence Bryskin
Esther Goldsmith and Jeffrey Buller
Lisa and Juda Chetrit
Meredith and David Cohen
Sharon Koren '84 and Matthew Cohen '83
Jennifer '06 and Herb Cohenavid Cohen 
Matthew Coleman
Maeva and Brad Colman
The Davis Family
Lauren '98 and Noah Doyle
Camille and Adam Dunst
Gail Altman Dushey '98 and Craig Dushey '94
Julienne and David Dweck
Sheila and David Ebrahimzadeh 
Elyse '90 and David Efron
Deborah and Jeffrey Eilender '84
Randi and Howard Eisenstein '83
Rosemarie and Joseph Esmail
Sherry '76 and Mark Fessel
Nicole '90 and Jeffrey Fisher
Sarah and Rocky Fishman
Paz and Samuel Friedman
Jennifer Hercman and Itamar Futterman
Marisa '98 and Andrew Gadlin '98
Esther and Itay Gamlieli
Natali and Jason Ganfer
Deborah and Elliot Gibber
Nili Buczaczer Gitig '65
Rachel and Aryeh Goldstein '10
Sharon and Shachar Gonen
Sharona and Gideon Gordon

Judith and Robert Grauman

Ike Greenstein '09
Rikki and Mendy Gross
Georgie '65 and Steve Gross '64
Kayla Mazer-Hanna and Leon Hanna
Martin Herskovitz
Janna '88 and Samuel Herskowitz
Vanessa and Michael Hosana
Terry and Michael Jaspan '69
Noelle and Norman Jemal
Ilana '90 and Mitchell Kahn
Lisa and Robert Kalimi
Michele and Steven Kamali 
Alyssa and Aaron Kapito '03
Leslie Spitalnick '99 and Joshua Kaplan
Jennifer and James Kashanian
Erika and Eric Kashi
Katayoun and Paul Khakshouri
Joy and Judd Kleeger
Jeffrey Klein and Sharon Kohler
Noa Kolp and Amnon Kraus
Emily and Aaron Krawitz '00
Melanie and Andrew Kule '90
Yechezkel and Bella Kutscher
Shelley Poniachek-Lapiro and Arcady Lapiro 
Cheryl and Lee Lasher '81
Kayla '09 and Elias Leibovits '09
Rachel and Benjamin Lebwohl '95
Ethan Leifer '97
Ivy '99 and Gregory Levi
Rena Fredman and David Lichtenstein
Mindy and Seymour Liebman
Amy and Seth Litzenblatt 
Miriam Loren
Rhonda and David Malkin
Mandrake Capital Management
Susan and Howard Mehr
Ilana Golant and Steven Menashi
Margot Small and Roy Mensch
Deborah and Gabriel Merkin '11
Sheba '71 and Stanley Mittelman
Margalit and Jason Moche 
Jordana '96 and Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern
Alla and Edward Mullakandov
Gabriella Wernicke and Elliot Newman
Daniela and Steven Niditch
Judy and Donald Olenick
Valerie '96 and Alexander Olsen
Claire Distenfeld '04 and Michael Olshan
Erika Adler '91 and Joshua Olshin '82 
Laury and Jason Paul
Joy Pravda
Dina and Douglas Propp
Eve Grunebaum Propp '55
Alexandra '97 and Haskel Rabbani '97
Sarit '93 and Bret Rapport
Drorit '88 and Michael Ratzker
Monique '96 and Andrew Rechtschaffen '95
Julie Feldman and Joshua Rosenfeld
Gabriella and Saul Safdieh '00
Katie Peyser and Shane Safer
Ann and James Salame
Nicole and Marco Sardar
Debbie and Howard Schub '83
Alexandra '06 and David Seidenberg
Sharon Senderowicz
Nadine '99 and Joshua Shatzkes
Esther and Marc Sholes
Robyn '57 and Bruce Shoulson '57
Mattie '12 and Max Shulman
Leah K. Silberstein and Andrew Silberstein
Rivka and Andrew Silverberg
Chila and Jackie Sitt
Jennifer and Mark Smith '96
Arielle and Lior Sofer
Rachel and Daniel Solomons
Michelle '88 and William Spielfogel
Pasha Gol ‘08 and Ari Stein
Diana and Bradley Stoler
Aviva and Marvin Sussman
Roz and Henry Swergold '69
Orit and Warren Teichner
Flavia and Chaim Theil
Hannah and Scott Topiel
Sandy Laskin Trencher and Lewis Trencher '69
Chantal '99 and David Ulmer
Shira and Jonathan Waldstreicher '01
Naama and Rabbi Elie Weinstock
Ariella '93 and Yossi Zarfati
Laura and Daniel Znaty
Susan and Edward Zoltan
Naomi and Bernard Zweig


Michael Meltzer '97 and Monte Albers de Leon
Alexandra '99 and Jason Auerbach
Susan Zappone and Mitchell Bacharach '76
Joshua Barzilay '68
Cori Ann Robinson and Rabbi Gavriel Bellino
Tamara Berman
Barry Best
Sara Blechner
Karen and Ethan Budin '86
Valerie Chabbott
Ellen and Eli Cohen
Jana and Steven Cohn
Alan Dorfman
Betty Ehrenberg
Deborah Lewittes and Edward Eigen
Craig Englander '95
Linda and Jeffrey Esses '93
Sophia Berman Fotiadis
Rebecca '99 and David Friedman
Ruth Gafni
Lori and Alan Garfunkel
Seryl and Elliot Goldofsky '76
Vivian Goodstein 
Ross Goralnick
Robin and Sammy Greenfield
Jessica Gribetz '69 
Judith and Robert Hara
Hon. Alvin K. Hellerstein and Judith B. Marbach
Mindy and Charles Hercman
Sara Hiltzik '98
Ronit Kahanowicz '90
Ruth and Marc Kalton
Stacy and Philip Kaminski '04
Rosalie and Harry Kleinhaus '63
Vivianne and Robert Kurzweil '68
Rachel Farbiarz and Alex Laskey 
Pamela and Aaron Lauchheimer '99
Deborah Leifer
Chaya Leverton
Judith and David Lewittes '53
Cindy and Jeffrey Liebmann
Zachary Liebmann '06
Steven Lorch '68
Emma and Samy Mahfar
Judith Marbach
Robert Ness
Marilyn '58 and Arthur Penn
Ronnie and Eric Peterman
Avi Posnick
Maya Benton & Daniel Reich '94
Evelyn Rochlin 
Judith Rotenberg '61 
Samuel E. Schair
Carla and Jonah Schein
Shira and Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz
Belinda and Victor Schwartz
Friends of Tali Seinfeld
Nirit Weiss '89 and Michael Shaoul
Judith and Barton Sobel
Leah and William Steinberg '62
Tami and Eric Teller
Nancy and Ari Weinberger '91

Well Wisher

Sarah Araten '16
Debra and Jonathan Baker '83
Lauri Benton Barbara Chubak '98
Judith Dodd
Eliana Doft '16
Elyssa Friedland
Judith and Marty Grumet
Jill and James Haber
Jessica '93 and Chad Haller
Michelle Messer '98 and Jonas Heymann
Andrea Fastenberg ‘82 and Marcel Kahan
Wendy and Ronald Kaplan
Amanda '05 and Jonathan Klatt
Jeffrey Kobrin
Marcia Terner and Jamie Kopel
Lea and Thomas Kuck
Adrienne Laitman
Rebecca Miller '03 and Joshua Levine '03
Brian Major
Deborah '66 and Leo Meizlik
Sara and Joseph Nathanson
Kathy and Milton Parnass
Fern '75 and Marvin Resmovitz
Deborah Ross
Brooke and Boaz Saar
Max Schwartz '05
David Slodki '69
Shirley Zajdel and Arthur Smith
Rebecca Stein '09
Ariel and Jonathan Stern
Adina Shoulson '90 and Todd Stern
Rebecca Stone '99 and Seth Berkowitz
Judith Tanz
Rebecca Tobin '95 and Ari Ungar
Shira '75 and David Weinstein
Lisa and Dov Weinstein '00
Alisa and Jeremy Weisser '99
Beth Wohlgelernter '73
Ellen Zimmerman


Rachel Abramowitz
Marcelle Agus
Martha and Morris Amitay '54
Edward Applebome
Sarah Araten '16
Nicole and Tzvi Ausubel
Yocheved and Judah Ausubel
Sara Babich
Alison and Sylvain Bergfeld
Atara Berliner
Esther and Paul Bernheim
Dana Bienenfeld Jason ‘96
Victor Brener
Jonathan Brisman
Gena Buchwald-Stern
Tamar '97 and Yehuda Buchweitz
Mandi Lew and John Coburn
Deborah Cohen
Eli and Darren Edelstein '99
Arielle and Ehud Eliyahu
Melanie Englese
Dina Erstein
Florence and Robert Feder
Amy and David Ferstendig '74
Sara Reguer '61 and Raphael Fodde
Sharon '77 and David Fogel
Brauna and Marvin Fortgang
Lynne '86 and Steven Frenkel
Rosie '68 and Mark Friedman
Arthur Friedman
Yelena Vulakh and Isaac Gandelman
Ruth and Scott Gartenberg
Rebecca Gober '97
Rebecca '00 and Elad Gordon
Susan and Jacques Gorlin '61
Lynnette Gruenhut
Baila Gunsburg
Rivkah Halpert
Evelyn Hausman Jakabovics '64
Nancy Johnson
Sharon Flatto '86 and Ysoscher Katz
Nicky '52 and Morty Katz
Dina and Jonathan Kaufthal '94
Maria and Steven Kessler '75
Vivian '74 and Joshua Kestenbaum
Alice and Jacob Klein 
Rachael '96 and Alexander Kohl
Amanda Cinnamon and Aaron Kohl '13
Shlomit Halevy and Stewart Kohl
Grace and Charles Korn
Leslie and Rabbi Jay Kornsgold
Sharon and Jason Koutcher
Marlene Kreinen
Marla Krinitz
Jessica Joseph and Leon Kroll
Maxine and Manuel Lerman '60
Rebecca Levin
Aryeh Levin
Sara Kaplan-Levy and Harrison Levy '03
Elizabeth and Mickey Levy
Myra Judy Lewis
Joanna '01 and Jordan Lipstadt '01
Jane and Lawrence Marco
Ann and Terry Marr
Svetlana and Robert Matayev
Emily Scharfman '00
Annie and Robert Mendelson
Jeffrey Mensch '06
Caroline and Marcelo Messer '93
Karyl and Asher Miller '70
Louise and Douglas Mund '67
Jessie Naparstek
Scott Newman
Anat Ofer
Joanne and Stuart Oppenheim
Barbara Cammer Paris and Peter Paris
Jeffrey Parnass '92
Zev Parnass '96
Jennifer Bernstein and Geoffrey Platt
Mrs. Hershel E. Portnoy
Luiza Heilborn-Regev and David Regev
Didier Reiss
Tom Rogers
Lauren '07 and Michael Rosman
Ethan Rotenberg
Deborah and Sheldon Rubin 
Brianna Rubinstein '18
Julius Rubinstein '22
Spencer Rubinstein '21
Beverly z"l and Sholom Sanders
Eliane and Stanley Schoenbach
Samantha '14 and Daniel Schub '14
Jacob Schwartz '08
Julie '97 and Jonathan Schwartz
Melissa '93 and Marc Schwartz 
Vivian and Jonathan Schwartz '55
Rhea '72 and Leo Schwartzberg
Smadar and David Seinfeld
Jeffrey Shoulson
Florence and Alan Siegelberg
Adrian and Leonard Silverman '84
Danielle '11 and Joey Silverman
Samantha Sinensky '21
Steven Sisskind
Rabbi Michael Stein '03
Simona '69 and Bernard Suskewicz
Jill Horowitz and Gary Swergold '72
Sue and Arthur Talansky
Barbara '67 and Jeff Teller
Lexie '09 and Joseph Tuchman
Ariela Migdal and Ethan Tucker '93
Emily and Lawrence Turtil
Sandi '79 and Stuart Waldstreicher
Arianne '91 and Moshe Weinberger
Lee Weinstein
Joan and Alan Weinstock
Abigail Zausmer Weiss '00 and Seth Weiss
Zachary Weiss '13
Deborah and Andrew Witlin
Adele and Eli Yedid
Lynne '98 and Aaron Yunis '98
Stan and Joanne Zimmerman
Helen and Howard Zimmerman
Deena and Brian Zuckerman ‘88