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The Upper School works cooperatively with parents in arranging for the transportation of students to and from school.

Board of Education Bus Service

Not available to Upper School students.

Public Transportation

  • Eligibility is determined by the New York City Department of Education:

  • Students residing in one of the five boroughs of New York City who live more than half a mile from school are eligible for a full-fare MetroCard

  • MetroCard are available in the sixth floor office
  • Lost or defective MetroCards must be reported by the student to the Ramaz Transportation Coordinator, using Replacement Forms which are available in the sixth floor office.
  • Replacements for lost or defective MetroCards will be issued upon submission of a completed Replacement Form
  • Metro-North sells Monthly School Commutation tickets exclusively through their website ( via their Mail & Ride program. The first step in signing up for the program is to contact Ms. Chechik in the Sixth Floor Office for the appropriate form. After the form is filled out and returned, Ms. Chechik will register your child after which Metro-North will email you your account and pin numbers.

Private Bus Service: 2014-2015

The Upper School has made arrangements with private bus companies servicing routes in Riverdale, Westchester, Teaneck, Englewood, Queens, Great Neck, and Brooklyn, as follows: 

Supertrans Riverdale
(corner to corner)
Supertrans New Rochelle &
(door to door)
Harrison &
White Plains
(door to door)

Rainbow Transportation

Teaneck $4000

Rainbow Transportation

Englewood &
Surrounding area
Rivlab Queens $4300
Rivlab Five Towns  $5150

Dell Transportation

(516) 883-6711

Great Neck Paid for and arranged by the Town of Great Neck
Rivlab Brooklyn $4200


  • A transportation letter listing the bus companies and fees for each route is sent to parents in May
  • Fees are payable directly to the school, except where otherwise indicated 
  • Parents contact the bus company directly to arrange for bus service where indicated above; in all other cases, bus service is contracted through the school 
  • Bus companies provides a late bus that leaves the Upper School at 6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, to accommodate students attending after-school programs

Larry Berman

Director of Operations

Ramaz Bus Hotline