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The Israel Advisement Process

The process of guidance begins toward the end of the junior year when each student is assigned to an Israel advisor.

The advisor maintains contact with the student throughout the senior year in order to become acquainted with the student's needs, guide the student through the variety of options and provide assistance during the application and interview process.

Although this system of individual advisement is the primary means of guidance, the Israel Office also conducts class-wide events as part of its mission to educate and inform. During the fall of the senior year, representatives of the post high school institutions in Israel are invited by the Israel Office to speak to interested students about their programs. These lunchtime visits afford our students the opportunity to determine where they will eventually apply.

Parents of seniors are invited to join their children on an evening in November for the Ramaz Israel Night, attended by the various Israel program representatives. Israel Night is designed to familiarize parents with some of the options that their children are considering and facilitate an informed decision on the part of each family. In recent years the format of that evening has been modified to great effect, demonstrating our flexibility when meeting the needs of any individual grade from one year to the next.

Israel Advisement Calendar

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