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About Study in Israel

Ramaz was one of the earliest proponents of a year of study in Israel after high school and continues to encourage its students to consider seriously such an experience.

Ramaz alumni in Israel

Spending a year studying Torah in Israel after graduation is viewed as the natural extension of the religious Zionist philosophy of the school. It is an opportunity for our graduates to translate the educational values of the school into practice. Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, Principal of Ramaz, often reminds parents that the Upper School is a five year program, the last year being one of living and learning in Medinat Yisrael.

Ramaz believes that although a year of study in Israel before college may not be appropriate for everyone, each student and family has the obligation to give the decision serious consideration. The Israel Guidance Office is dedicated to educating students and their parents by providing information and advice regarding the various programs and institutions in Israel.