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Registering for the ACT

Register online at

Create an ACT account if you have not already done so.

Creating an account will take you through multiple steps that will ask for personal information and a username and password. These pieces are required. When creating an account, you will also be asked to share parental information in order for you parents to receive information regarding tests dates and other information. It is up to you whether or not you want to share parental information.

  • "Your Personal Profile" asks for personal information.
  • The Ramaz high school code is 333-900.
  • "Your High School Summary" asks for a variety of information about Ramaz:
    • Indicate College Preparatory for the first question.
    • Leave the GPA and class rank section blank.
    • Indicate Private Denominational for "What kind of school."
    • Leave the rest of the page blank.
  • Sections "College Plans" through "Accomplishments" ask for information about your background, interests, needs, and plans. They are designed to help you think about your educational future and to help colleges in their planning.
  • "Your Interest Inventory" is required in order to register. Be as honest and complete as possible.
  • "Your Test Selection" registers you for a specific test date and location.
  • In "Registration Information," you must check the yellow box.
  • In "Test Date and Option," choose the test date closest to when you would like to test (even though you cannot test on that exact day). Later in the registration process, you will be instructed to select a Sunday test center. There will be a link to view non-Saturday test centers.
  • Many schools do not require the Writing section. Please check your colleges' websites to help you determine if you should register for the ACT Plus Writing, or use the link provided to check whether or not your colleges require the Writing.
  • In "Your High School Courses and Grades," a response is required for each course.
    • The second page of "Your High School Courses and Grades" asks for grades in each course you took or are now enrolled in. This is not required. It is up to you whether or not to fill this in.
  • In "Your Score Report Choices," you may have your scores sent to four colleges of your choice included in the basic registration fee. You may wish to consult your college advisor before listing any colleges.
  • "Your Future Plans" is a required section, but you may enter "undecided" for any item.
  • In "Test Center," enter your zip code in the second yellow box; then click "list." On the next screen, click "Show non-Saturday test centers" to get a list of Sunday test centers.
  • In "Submit Payment," enter your payment information.

You must upload a valid photo AT LEAST 8 DAYS prior to your test date. See the photo requirements, deadlines and upload options at

Remember to get a Clergy Letter from the College Office and bring it with you on test day.

Revised July 2022