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Extended Time Accommodations

Students with certified learning disabilities who are entitled to extended time accommodations at Ramaz may be entitled to take College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) exams (PSAT, SAT, and AP tests) or American College Testing, ACT, exams under similar conditions.

Applying for Accommodations

According to the eligibility statement of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB), a student with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations on CEEB exams. These exams include the SAT, AP and PSAT. Since 2002, CEEB examination results do not indicate whether a student received an accommodation when taking the exam.

Ramaz has set up the following procedure to assist students and parents in applying for accommodations for CEEB exams.

  1. Students seeking accommodations must receive a psycho-educational evaluation by a qualified tester.

  2. Once the psycho-educational evaluation is complete, it should be submitted to either Dr. Nancy Block, SSD Coordinator/Learning Specialist.

  3. The school will then arrange for a meeting with Dr. Block to establish a learning plan. The learning plan is then implemented.

  4. The process for applying for standardized test accommodations is conducted completely online. The consent form can be downloaded at

  5. Once Dr. Block receives the signed consent form, she will be able to submit the student's eligibility form online.

  6. Several weeks after the application is submitted, SSD will send an eligibility letter to Ramaz and to the student indicating whether the accommodations have been granted.

  7. Under certain circumstances, Ramaz may consider appealing CEEB’s decision.

  8. Students may use their accommodations as they see fit. A student intending to use an accommodation must include a copy of the CEEB eligibility letter along with the registration form each time he or she registers for an SAT  test.

For further information on CEEB eligibility, please visit

Accommodations and the ACT

The ACT is an examination administered by American College Testing. The process for applying for accommodations on ACT exams is similar to that of CEEB exams. Students wishing to apply for accommodations, or their parents, should contact Dr. Block.

For further information on ACT eligibility, please visit