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Introduction to College Advising

College guidance, in its formal sense, is a two-year, student-centered process that begins in the fall of the junior year and culminates with the graduation of our seniors.

In keeping with our student-centered approach, the Ramaz College Guidance Office empowers each individual student and family to research and apply to college options that match the student's religious development, personal disposition, academic profile, talents, interests, and ambitions. To this end, the College Office schedules individual conferences, parent conferences, group meetings, informational evenings, and workshops.

The Ramaz college advisors encourage students to take the leading role in their process. We support each student by providing the information and tools each student needs in order to ask probing questions, navigate colleges’ websites, obtain answers, make intelligent decisions, write compelling essays, process the paperwork, and grapple with dilemmas as he or she ultimately finds the college that is the best fit. 

In supporting our students, the advisors work closely with each individual to research and choose appropriate colleges, craft compelling essays and college applications, and ultimately enroll in a school that is the best fit for that student. Tell their story the most effective way possible.

Throughout the entire process, the College Office team works collaboratively to spur students to make personal choices and to advise students and their parents. Beyond writing an individualized, comprehensive school recommendation for each senior, once applications are filed, the advisors communicate with the colleges and provide whatever information they may yet require. As advocates for the students, the advisors serve as the liaison for the Ramaz Upper School and ensure that all schools to which our students apply understand our rigorous dual curriculum requirements, the extent of our curricular and extracurricular offerings, and the strengths of each individual Ramaz applicant.

The College Office is, as well, the place to obtain forms and receive help in completing SAT and ACT online registration materials.