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For many colleges, interviews are an optional part of the application process. Some colleges do not offer interviews at all; others offer only informational rather than evaluative interviews. A few colleges still require interviews.

Students should not seek interviews unless conversation is a particular strong point. However, declining an invitation to interview can be viewed as a lack of interest in the school. To learn more about the interview process at particular schools, consult the colleges' websites and your college adviser. While a few colleges offer on-campus interviews, many selective colleges offer only local alumni interviews. If a college admission or alumni representative contacts you and asks to interview you, agree, and please do all of the following:

  1. When the individual calls, make a note of his or her full name and get his or her telephone number and email address just in case you need to reach him or her.
  2. Most alumni interviews will take place in public places. The interviewer's office, an alumni club, or even a coffee shop are appropriate places for interviews to take place. Under no circumstances should you agree to meet any stranger at his or her apartment. Should an interviewer suggest that you come to his or her home, please let your adviser know immediately.
  3. After the interview, write a brief thank-you note to your interviewer (by email is fine).
  4. Your advisor is available for a mock interview. Please reach out to your advisor to schedule one as soon as you know the date.