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Application Materials

Applications usually consist of a number of different forms, each of which must be at least partially filled out by you. Some of them must then be given to other people for completion. Here are instructions for completing these forms.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is legislation that guarantees a student the right to view any document in his or her application dossier. The Common Application and the Coalition Application invite an applicant to waive his or her right to view recommendations.

You will sign two FERPA documents, one in Scoir and one in the Common Application:

  • You MUST sign the FERPA Release to allow Ramaz to send any credentials to colleges on your behalf.

  • We strongly suggest that you “grant” the FERPA Waiver because we feel it is important for colleges to know that recommendations were completed with the knowledge that they would not be read by the applicant. Students who object to signing such a waiver should speak to their college advisor.