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The Middle School works cooperatively with parents in arranging for the transportation of students to and from school.

Transportation Sheets are mailed to families in May and must be submitted to the second floor school office no later than June 1 in order to compile bus lists and issue MetroCards.

Private Bus Service

     Students Living in Englewood, NJ

  • Bus transportation for Englewood students is provided exclusively by Rainbow Transportation bus company.

  • Rainbow Transportation service is available for Englewood residents only
  • Rainbow Transportation provides door to door service
  • Parents contract directly with Ramaz for service provided by Rainbow Transportation. Fees are payable directly to Rainbow Transportation.
  • Rainbow Transportation provides a late bus which leaves the Middle School at 6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, to accommodate students attending after school programs.

Board of Education Bus Service (GR. 5 Only)

  • Provides free bus service between the Middle School and the bus stops listed on the Transportation Sheet, for fifth grade students
  • Available to fifth grade students who live in Manhattan within a five mile radius of the school and at a minimum one mile away from the school
  • Rules:
    • Parents or students are not permitted to make any private pick up arrangements with the bus drivers
    • Students using Board of Education bus service are not permitted to bring other children onto the bus
    • Call the Ramaz bus line for information at 212-774-8010 in the event of a bus delay

Public Transportation

  • Full-fare MetroCards are available to students who do not live near a Board of Education bus stop and live one mile or more from school
  • Half-fare MetroCards are available to students who do not live near a Board of Education bus stop and live less than one mile from school
  • MetroCards are issued in September based on the information provided on the Transportation Sheets
  • Students should report lost or defective MetroCards to the second floor school office to provide for replacement

Larry Berman

Chief Operating Officer

Ramaz Bus Hotline