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Learning Center

The Ramaz Middle School Learning Center faculty helps students “demystify” their learning challenges so that they can understand their unique talents and struggles.

The Learning Center tries to instill a “can-do” attitude, educating each child according to his way, a traditional Jewish approach. We hope students will then mature to appreciate that all people have their unique skills and challenges and become sensitive, understanding adults.

Ramaz’s mission and philosophy stresses inclusion and acceptance. The Learning Center faculty does its utmost to mainstream those students with learning differences and provide a safe, comfortable, and appropriate learning environment. The goals are to teach students, whatever their disability, to seek assistance when necessary, while at the same time evolve into independent learners.

In fifth through twelfth grades, a psycho-educational evaluation must document a learning disability to receive Learning Center support. All Ramaz Learning Centers support students with documented disabilities, regardless of social, intellectual, or economic background. There is no charge for Learning Center services.

Middle School Learning Center faculty assist students in remaining current with assignments, tests, and projects and understanding classroom material, as well as developing study skills. The Middle School teachers meet formally each semester with the Learning Center faculty to share curricular goals and assess student progress. The Learning Center faculty also meets twice weekly to assess students’ progress and use of classroom data and standardized test score results to inform the sessions.

Because math, Chumash, Gemara and Hebrew classes are leveled, Learning Center generally does not focus on those subjects (with the exception of math in certain circumstances for eligible students).

The Learning Center also provides academic accommodations such as extended time, preferential seating, breaks during tests, use of keyboarding devices and directions read aloud, that are supported by the necessary documentation and are consistent with the data in the evaluation.

Cutting-edge technology is incorporated into instruction. Our Learning Center classrooms are equipped with large-screen projectors and/or SMART Boards. Students’ assignments, review sheets, handouts and other educational materials are all posted on Schoology so that LC faculty and students have the necessary materials readily on hand during the session. When educationally appropriate, iPads are used to develop and enhance study/organization skills.

The Ramaz Middle School Learning Center strives to prevent learning differences from interfering with a student’s ability to receive a meaningful educational experience based on the highest academic standards.


Ms. Ali Esses
Director of Social Emotional Learning and Learning Center Coordinator