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Girls Basketball team

Basketball Intramurals

The first twenty minutes of each session is dedicated to developing team defensive strategies and official tactical drills. The remaining time is devoted to scrimmage play. Later in the season, intramural games are played. Emphasis is placed on fun, middot and effort.

Basketball Teams

Teams of seventh and eighth grade students play in the Yeshivah League. Practice includes conditioning and strength training, individual skills, drills, team defense, strategies, offensive plays/tactics and scrimmages.

Boys' and Girls' Soccer, Lacrosse and Basketball

The soccer, lacrosse and basketball programs focus on fundamentals and team skills with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fun. (There is a fee for these clubs.)

Hockey Intramurals

Hockey skills are introduced and reinforced through intramural games. Hockey Intramurals teaches its members hockey skills which are reinforced through intramural games.


Karate is designed specifically to teach each child on his or her grade level. Karate is taught by Sensei Eddie Kelen, a second degree black belt, who has been teaching karate for more than ten years. (There is a fee for this club.)

Open Gym

Open Gym gives students in grade five the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports and athletic activities.

Ramaz Rams girls basketball team


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