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Advisory Program Spotlight

A group of Middle School students sits in a circle in advisory

Our Middle School advisory curriculum has been carefully designed to provide your children with the social and emotional support they need to succeed as Middle School students. Extensive research shows that as young adolescents strive for independence, and, at the same time, grapple with learning to regulate their own behavior and make responsible choices, their need for close, caring adult supervision and guidance is paramount.

  • Respect through Listening and Actions

  • Trust and Honesty

  • Teamwork and Communication

  • Organization,  Study Skills, and Test Strategies

  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits – Sleep, Screentime, Nutrition, and Mindfulness
  • Emotions and Positive Attitudes
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Deep listening
  • The biology of puberty and sexual reproduction
  • Media and gender stereotyping
  • Positive body image and peer pressure
  • Puberty and Adolescence
  • Substance Abuse (in 8th)
  • Empathy, friendship, digital citizenship, health and nutrition, responsibility

Beyond Our Classroom

What we do to enhance our students’ learning experiences, leveraging our unique location in one of the world’s finest cultural, financial, creative, scientific, medical, and architectural urban hubs.

Jewish Museum Partnership


The Israel Experience

Central Park Hikes and Field Trips

Educational and Co-Curricular Programming

The Middle School offers a  rich variety of educational programming, ranging from hands-on chesed projects, team-building activities, special guest speakers, observance of Jewish and national holidays. We also engage in bonding activities such as white water rafting, ice skating, hiking in Central Park and much more. A central focus of ours is participation in meaningful  chesed in our greater community, whether through food and coat drives, challah bakes, mishloach manot packing and  distribution, METLife Council, and visiting area homebound seniors. We are excited to share our programming and chesed opportunities with your children when they arrive this fall. 

Our Joyful Approach to Judaism

Describe what and how Shabbat, holidays, milestone celebrations, Ahavat Israel, Hebrew as a living language, chesed activities, overnight trips, text study, etc., are observed, taught, and integrated into our curriculum order to cultivate joy and pride in being Jewish, and laying foundation for students to become future Jewish leaders that will engage in their communities and the greater world to help repair and heal.

6th Grade Bullying Prevention PSA

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This student-created PSA emerged from a bullying prevention symposium, which featured personal stories about being bullied and practical solutions for bullying dilemmas.