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The Ramaz School works cooperatively with parents in arranging for the transportation of students to and from school.

Board of Education Bus Service

Transportation eligibility is based on a student’s grade level, walking distance between home and school, and existing accommodations based on a medical condition, housing status, or safety assessment. Eligibility is determined by the DOE OPT (not Ramaz) and begins in Kindergarten. Bus service is available only to Manhattan residents in Grades Kindergarten-6.

Grade Level Distance Code A:
Less than 0.5 mile
Distance Code B:
0.5 mile or more, but less than 1 mile
Distance Code C:
1 mile or more, but less than 1.5 mile
Distance Code D:
1.5 mile or more
Grades Kindergarten, 1, and 2 Not Eligible School Bus or MetroCard School Bus or MetroCard School Bus or MetroCard
Grades 3-6 Not Eligible MetroCard Only School Bus or MetroCard School Bus or MetroCard
Grade 7-12 Not Eligible MetroCard Only MetroCard Only MetroCard Only

Requesting Board of Education Transportation

The form to request bus service or a MetroCard is emailed to enrolled families in late-June and due by mid-July. Students may request either bus service or a MetroCard but cannot receive both. Metro Cards and DOE buses are not available for Nursery and Pre-K students.

Public Transportation: Metrocards

  • Eligibility is determined by the New York City Department of Education:

  • Students residing in one of the five boroughs of New York City who live more than half a mile from school are eligible for a full-fare MetroCard. Parents are not eligible for MetroCards.

  • Lost or defective MetroCards must be reported by the student to the Ramaz School office at which time a replacement will be issued.

  • Only for Upper School students:  Metro-North and the LIRR sells Monthly School Commutation tickets exclusively through their websites via their Mail & Ride programs. The first step in signing up for the program is to contact Ms. Chechik in the Sixth Floor Office for the appropriate form and directions.

Private Bus Service: 2022-2023

The Upper School has made arrangements with private bus companies servicing round trip and door to door routes in Riverdale, Westchester, Englewood, Queens, Great Neck, and Brooklyn, as follows: 

Airlink Transportation New Rochelle, Scarsdale, & Riverdale $5950
Rainbow Transportation Englewood &
Surrounding area
Airlink Transportation Queens (busing is not offered from Forest Hills) $5450
Airlink Transportation Brooklyn $5500

Dell Transportation

Great Neck Paid for and arranged by the Town of Great Neck
  • A transportation survey is sent to parents in May. In July, bus enrollment contracts are sent out to families directly from the bus companies, which includes the cost of transportation.
  • Fees are payable directly to the bus company.
  • Ramaz provides a late bus that leaves the Upper School at 6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, to accommodate students attending after-school programs.
  • We do not offer one-way service.

Larry Berman

Chief Operating Officer