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Learning Center

The School Psychologist also monitors those students accommodated by the General Studies and Hebrew Learning Centers. All students are individually assessed, and those that need remediation work individually or in small groups in the Learning Center.

Every attempt is made not to disturb the daily pattern of the students who are utilizing the Learning Center. Students focus on reading and writing skills, and all students are continually reevaluated so that new students may join those in the Learning Center, and those that no longer need help may leave. The Hebrew Learning Center staff help students with the mechanics of Hebrew letters, vowels, and reading and writing. Third and Fourth graders have the opportunity to work on their reading of Chumash, as well as the script, structure, and logic of Rashi.

The Learning Center professionals continually communicate with parents, providing and accepting suggestions and recommendations. Students who have received an outside evaluation may be entitled to extended time while taking tests. Learning Center faculty also forge strong links with outside tutors, to ensure that the student receives the most accurate help that he or she needs. The Director of Guidance and the Learning Center faculty work as partners with teachers, parents, and the students themselves, helping those students deal with both emotional and learning issues.

Nani Mintz

Director of Special Services