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The School Psychologist oversees the children's emotional, social, and learning progress and consults regularly with administration and faculty.

They all try to create a sense of involvement for families and students, creating a warm atmosphere that complements the students' experience. Faculty also regularly consult with the School Psychologist in order to monitor the progress of all students. Classroom observations are conducted, and often in-class interventions are put into place.

The School Psychologist conducts monthly team meetings with teachers of each grade, together with administrators, wherein they review the functioning and progress of every student. The School Psychologist often meets with individual students as needed. The School Psychologist is available at all times to meet with parents who have concerns about their child's social, learning, or developmental progress. The School Psychologist will recommend consultation with an outside professional if appropriate.

The ECC/Lower School Psychologist works hand in hand with the Directors of Guidance in the Middle and Upper Schools, collaborating on schoolwide initiatives and best practices.

Ms. Lillian Amar, MSEd NCSP LCSW

School Psychologist