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Program Highlights

  • Our curriculum is theme-based and child-initiated, with many activities centered on Jewish and American holidays, Torah stories, and the seasons.
  • Learning is meaningful because of our integrated curriculum, which means that every activity incorporates multiple learning topics.
  • Our Inquiry-based program allows for risk-taking, reasoning, social interaction, and fosters learning in math, science, social studies, literacy, and Hebrew. When children question and work to find solutions, they learn through trial and error and through consequences. This is true in both the social and academic domains of the classroom.
  • All of our head teachers have or are working toward a master’s degree, and all of our classrooms have Israeli Hebrew teachers.
  • On a daily basis, children are taught critical English language and literary techniques. We use the Sounds in Motion program for our Pre-K children. This teaches letter sounds in a kinesthetic way. It also focuses on teaching children the important skill of listening.
  • In Kindergarten, the teachers are trained in Fundations and Singapore Math.
  • One of three teachers in every ECC classroom speaks exclusively in Hebrew throughout the day. This approach, coupled with our Chalav U’Dvash program (a Hebrew language curriculum designed for very young children), promotes rich receptive language skills and specific expressive-language skills.
  • Every classroom has a designated time in which children are given the opportunity to speak and share, listen, and respond.
  • The holidays are a significant part of our curriculum and each one sets the stage for a great variety of learning opportunities. For example, at Chanukah, students fry latkes and make scientific discoveries related to oil. During Purim, the children write their own plays, learn about shapes, and investigate the science of sound using ra’ashanim.
  • The ECC takes full advantage of New York City, visiting museums, exploring Central Park, and meeting with local community organizations

Co-Curricular Offerings

Art • Ballet • Book Club • Basketball • Coding • Cooking • Chess • Core Dance • Drama Zone • Gymnastics • Karate • Multi-sports • Soccer • Studio Art • Sewing • Yoga • and much more!

At the Ramaz early childhood center, ours is a child-centered culture that addresses the individual developmental needs of each student. Every step of the way we ensure each child has a rich understanding of the values of menschlichkeit, a deep respect for Torah, the Jewish people, Medinat Yisrael, and the meaning of mitzvot.