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Nurturing a Love of Hebrew: Hebrew-Language Immersion

We are immensely proud of our Hebrew language program. Inspired by research that shows ages 3-6 are optimal for language development, we teach Hebrew in two complementary ways:

Chalav U’Dvash Program

Chalav U'Dvash is a three-year program specifically designed to teach Hebrew to very young non-native speakers. Its purpose is to help children feel comfortable conversing in Hebrew. While we focus on language patterns, syntax, and vocabulary, conversations are not confined to a specific topic. Everything is learned through games and activities appropriate to the developmental stage of the children.

Hebrew Immersion

Throughout every activity, one of the classroom teachers speaks only in Hebrew. This is a proven, highly effective technique for fostering bilingualism. The success of our Hebrew language program has led to our being named a model school for Chalav U’Dvash. We also have been honored to host teachers from schools and yeshivot across the USA and around the world. We are known as a model for teaching Ivrit to a high standard while incorporating many features of Israeli culture into the classroom.


Meet Bentzi, the Hebrew Speaking Turtle, the star of the Chalav U'Dvash curriculum and a fixture in our ECC classrooms.