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Seniors Visit Columbia University To Observe Medieval Jewish Manuscripts!

Ramaz News

On Wednesday, Dr. Aaron Tugendhaft '95 and Rabbi Ilan Schimmel brought senior students to Columbia University to observe medieval Jewish manuscripts that discuss Aristotelian ideas. After a quick walking tour of the campus, the students were brought into the Rare Books Room of the Butler Library where ten manuscripts, dated from the mid-fourteenth century to the early twentieth century, were on display. Most manuscripts comprised of commentaries by Italian, Spanish, and German rabbis - all discussing Aristotle's philosophy and how it relates to Judaism. Students were also given a mini history lesson on Jewish life at the institution, Jewish printing in medieval times, and on Columbia's current exhibit on the Greek Jews of Korfu. A current Ramaz parent also joined the tour - Isabelle Levy, who is a lecturer of Medieval Literature at Columbia's Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies. 



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