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Parents And Children Come Together For Chesed

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Last week, the Ramaz Upper School buzzed with excitement as ninth grade students and their parents gathered for a memorable parent/child chesed event. This event aimed to benefit the Tikva Odessa Children's Home, a cause close to Ramaz's heart. As part of the event, the girls joined forces with the talented Sarah from the Challah Back Girls to bake challah. With flour-dusted hands and joyful spirits, they braided the dough and listened to inspiring remarks about the mitzvah of challah baking from Rebbetzin Raquel of the Manhattan Sephardic Congregation. The girls generously donated the proceeds from their challah sales to Tikva, knowing that their efforts would make a difference in the lives of the children at the home.

Meanwhile, the boys were captivated by a video presentation given by Yanna Begelman and Russ Krivor. The video showcased the incredible work being done at Tikva Odessa Children's Home and touched the hearts of everyone present. Inspired by what they saw, the boys listened attentively as Rabbi Roy Feldman spoke about the mitzvah of wearing tzitzit. He not only imparted his wisdom but also taught them the art of making tzitzit themselves, with the help of Rabbi Ritholtz. With focused determination, the boys embraced the opportunity to learn and carry out this cherished tradition.

After their separate activities, the girls, boys, and parents came together for a delicious ice cream party where everyone socialized. Thank you to the Ramaz Parents Council for generously sponsoring the event, to Rabbi Dov Pianko for all of his support and help, and to all of the volunteers who worked hard to put this event together.

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