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Former Mossad Officer and Chief IDF Psychologist Dr. Glenn Cohen '82 Speaks to the Upper School About Hostage Intake

Ramaz News

The Upper Schoolers had a powerful assembly with Dr. Glenn Cohen '82, former Mossad officer and current leader in the IDF's hostage intake unit. He spoke about how his time at Ramaz shaped him and shaped his career. He described his time in the IDF, and how he has been working tirelessly since October 7 to support the families of hostages, advise those endeavoring to retrieve the captives, and counsel former hostages who have been rescued. He inspired the students by sharing coping mechanisms that the hostages have used while in captivity. He also offered encouragement for how we can cope during these painful times: he asserted that one of the most important strategies is to avoid feeling helpless. He advised everyone to stay active, in any way that makes us feel we are contributing positively to Israel or the Jewish people. It was a truly emotional talk, inspiring strong emotions and passionate applause from everyone in attendance.

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