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Ramaz Educators Schoolwide Gain Valuable Insight at Judaic Studies Conference

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On Sunday and Monday, eight Ramaz educators — representing all three divisions of the school — attended the Lifnai V'Lifnim Winter Seminar 2024. Lifnai V'Lifnim is an organization dedicated to developing the spiritual inner world of students and adults, deepening connection by transforming relationships. Their guiding questions are: How can we make talking to and connecting with Hashem a more natural part of our Torah-learning educational work? How can our current et tzarah (moment of crisis) present opportunities to transform our approach to tefillah? What does tefillah in a school look like beyond the context of daily davening? Sessions included "How to Prepare Properly for Tefillah," "Hashem’s Listening and Our Own," "Bringing the Learning to Your Work," "Building Classroom Culture," and "Listening and Conversation as a Source of Religious Growth."

By introducing new language and frameworks, Lifnai V'lifnim has deepened educators and students’ relationships with each other, themselves, and Hashem. The Ramaz Middle and Upper Schools have already been implementing this methodology in certain programs and they, and the Lower School, hope to build on these foundations. The seminar was an important opportunity for professionals across our different divisions to learn together. Now, they look forward continuing to coordinate our efforts in this critical area.


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