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Ultimate Frisbee Players Emerge Victorious and Bond with Opposing Team Through Post-Game Reflections

Ramaz News

The Ramaz Ultimate Frisbee team got off to a great start this season with a hard-fought, 10-7 victory over East Side Middle School. The first half of the game was very close, with each team trading points. Ramaz ended the half up 5-4. In the second half, the Rams came out strong, starting off with a deep play — Daniel P. (eighth grade) throwing the frisbee across the length of the field to Lyon L. (eighth grade) for the score. Two more unanswered points put the Rams up 8-4, and the rest is history. After the game, the teams formed a "Spirit Circle," a unique aspect of Ultimate in which both teams come together in a circle, alternating players from each team. In this formation, everyone reflects on the game, emphasizing the values of integrity, mutual respect, and friendship.

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