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Sixth Grade Boys Embark on New Social-Emotional Learning Program

Ramaz News

The Middle School has launched a new monthly team-building program for sixth grade boys! The program’s goal is to help foster respectful and inclusive relationships during what can be a challenging time of social, emotional, and academic growth. In the first installment, which occurred this week, they tackled the fun “Marshmallow Challenge.” The boys worked in teams to build a structure with 20 pieces of spaghetti, a yard of tape, a yard of string, and a marshmallow! The object of the activity was to collaborate respectfully as they endeavored to build the tallest and strongest tower.

The program is run by Assistant Head of the Middle School Rabbi Chaim Hagler and Director of Social Emotional Learning and Coordinator of the Learning Center Ali Esses. Each month, the students will come together to engage in problem-solving activities that build upon the social-emotional skills of collaboration, kindness, creativity, and Menschlichkeit, both as individuals and as a school Kehillah. Through these activities, they will learn to be more mindful of the words and actions they choose, ultimately gaining the skills of more positive, supportive, and respectful ways of interacting and expressing themselves.

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