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Ping-Pong Champion Ms. Estee Ackerman Shares Her Skills and Her Jewish Pride at the Middle School

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Olympic table tennis player and Orthodox Jew Ms. Estee Ackerman paid a special visit to the Middle School. After the students watched a news segment about her athletic success and dedication to Judaism, she gave a presentation explaining her journey. Not only is Ms. Ackerman a gold medalist, but she is a proud Jew who prioritizes religious observance over her sport. For example, when a championship conflicts with Shabbat, she makes the choice to miss the championship. The students were amazed and moved by her passion and they left the assembly with a great deal of inspiration. She further won them over when she showed off her skills, giving an incredible ping-pong presentation for the students (including hitting ping-pong balls rapid-fire while continually switching to smaller and smaller paddles!). She even played rounds against Middle Schoolers, letting them test their skills and get their endorphins flowing. After the assembly, she kindly gave autographs for the students, even signing kippot so they can carry a reminder of her dedication all day long.

Thank you to Esther and Victor Sigoura for sponsoring this program.

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