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On Election Day, Students Examine the Power of Voting

Ramaz News

The Middle School held fascinating assemblies for Election Day that taught students all about the importance of making their voices heard. Jennifer Bernstein opened the assemblies by explaining the significance of Election Day, and presenters followed to offer various perspectives on voting and its impact. Eighth graders from the Public Speaking elective, Talia M., Sandy S., and Daniel S., gave speeches that illuminated complex arguments surrounding whether or not voting in our country should be mandatory. A guest from the OU Advocacy Center, Maury Litwak, then spoke to students about the critical effect that voting and political action have. He even highlighted two Jews in American history who made a powerful difference when they stood up for Jewish causes: Moses Seixas, whose letter to George Washington convinced him to expand Jewish rights in America, and Edward “Eddie” Jacobson, whose brave visit to Harry S. Truman convinced him to meet with Chaim Weizmann and ultimately recognize the State of Israel. Students left the assemblies with a greater appreciation for our election system and how each of them can make a difference. Thank you to Sandy Dweck, Student Activities Coordinator, and Kim Gantz-Wexler, Public Speaking teacher, for organizing this special event.

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