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A Color War Recap!

Ramaz News

When Rabbi Hagler announced over the loud speaker that the Middle School would be having a Color War, students were so shocked that it took them a moment to jump up and down with excitement. After the initial surprise, the entire school began preparing for the "battles" that would take place. Students were divided into two teams, Red Ahava and Yellow Simcha, and given captains to help lead them to victory. Decked out in color-themed outfits, the first battle took place at Randalls Island. There, the teams were divided even further into subgroups that would face off on the basketball court, soccer field, and Frisbee field. 

The next day, students were divided into groups to work on final projects which would be judged during their final presentations. The tasks: create a poster about Israel, make up a dance routine, direct a video about a day in the life of a Ramaz student, rewrite a popular song but make it about Ramaz, create a Stomp! performance, and much more. During the final presentations, both teams were supportive of each other, reciting chants like “Good job, red team” – “Let’s go, yellow team”. When the winning team, Red Ahava, was announced, it was no different—everyone cheered! 

Thank you to Morah Sandy for organizing this special event for the students!

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