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Second Graders Learn Financial Literacy and Practice It with a "Ramaz Toy Store"

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In math class, the second graders have completed a unit on financial literacy. They created their own “Ramaz Diner,” using menu items and prices to determine how much a meal would cost by adding amounts together. The students then practiced calculating change by subtracting the cost of their meal from a 20 dollar bill. To conclude the unit, they have begun their long-term, extra fun financial literacy project. Every Friday, each student receives one dollar of fake money to add to his or her collection. Their teacher has created a "Ramaz Toy Store" full of cool items, each with listed prices, from 50c bookmarks to $2 pencils. Students can choose whether they wish to spend their pretend money right away or save it up, which is a wonderful way to help them understand budgeting!

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