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First Graders Have "Sum" Fun in Class with a Math Game

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First graders are exploring the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. They have learned to “count up” from one partner (the addend) to the total, or to “count down” from the total to one partner, to solve addition and subtraction equations. This week, the students are practicing solving “missing partner (addend)” equations, such as “7 + ___ = 9.” The classes played the “Splat” game, which is a fun visual representation of the missing partner. A number of circles were presented on the screen; the students called out “Splat!” and some circles disappeared behind a splat. The students needed to determine how many circles were covered, based on the number of circles still shown, and the total, by using addition or subtraction facts and strategies. Everyone enjoyed playing the game and worked hard on this important concept!

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