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Photos Included: Costumes and Crafts and Carnivals, Oh My!

Ramaz News

The Lower School had an amazing week full of Purim thrills. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, they participated in themed costume days. First, they showed their Israel pride by dressing with Israeli flags, merch supporting the IDF, and more. Then, they wore PJs and their silliest hats, sometimes even showing off their creativity with hats they made at home. Finally, they came to school on Friday wearing their favorite costumes, from Batman to Barbie.

In addition to their costumes, the students participated in fun activities, from creating their own artistic representations of Megillat Esther, making mishloach manot to give to their loved ones, and even playing in a giant Purim carnival! From inflatable obstacle courses to swinging from ropes in the air, it was a celebration filled with lots of energy and lots of laughs. Finally, the students got together and displayed their amazing costumes by marching through KJ in a dazzling fashion show, sharing their Purim spirit and cheering each other on. Thank you to  Sheila and David Ebrahimzadeh for sponsoring the Lower School's Purim festivities.

To see photos from Purim at the ECC and Lower School, click here.

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