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ECC Students Express Themselves Through Chanukah Crafts

Ramaz News


ECC students have been learning about the story of Chanukah and incorporating their lessons into fun arts and crafts! Students decorated gift bags by stamping them with Chanukah stamps and painting with blue and silver paint sticks; practiced patterns by beading bracelets using a blue-white AB pattern; and made chanukiot, dreidels, and a model of the beit hamikdash using various materials such as loose parts, and big and small blocks. They heard about the miracle of oil that lasted for eight days and learned that today's chanukiot have nine candles: eight regular candles and an extra helper, the shamash. Students created a paper chanukiah that proudly hangs outside their classroom used many different materials, such as feathers, pom poms, and even pictures of the children themselves, to collaborate and decorate their paper chanukiah's candles.

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