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Dr. Stephanie Freilich Speaks to US Women in STEM and Pre-Med Club
Posted 12/01/2017 12:50PM

Dr. Freilich began the club meeting by showing the students a video, which had great depictions of a student's life throughout Medical School. Afterwards students were invited to an open discussion with Dr. Freilich about getting to Medical School, the different stages of Medical School, and how one chooses their specialty.

Dr. Freilich also spoke about physicians who chose not to go into an existing specialty but who decided to create their own. For example, she mentioned "adoption pediatrics," where the doctor will specialize in assuring that adopted children have all their vaccines, physical, and developmental exams.

Students then watched a video on HPV vaccination. Living in America, means citizens are privileged to have access to healthcare options that may not be available in the developing world, such as developmental exams, screening technology, and a variety of vaccinations.

Recently, the HPV vaccination has become available to us as well. Dr. Freilich stressed that although this vaccination is not mandatory, it is vital to stress it's importance to the public.

Having Dr. Freilich come and speak was a privilege and students look forward to hearing more from her in the near future.

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