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Manhattan School of Music Workshop on Wind Instruments!
Posted 12/01/2017 01:37PM

Seventh grade students enjoyed a visit last week by a woodwind ensemble from the Manhattan School of Music. The workshop is the second in a series of Music Enrichment programs presented by MSM in a partnership with Ramaz.

The group consisted of a flute player who also played the piccolo, two oboists who also played the English horn, two bassoonists, and two clarinet players, one of whom also played the bass clarinet; a total of seven instruments that came alive before our eyes! The players were from all over the world, including Italy, Korea, and Long Island.

Many of the instrumentalists talked about how woodwind instruments are vehicles to express emotion and how you feel on a daily basis. They gave many examples of different kinds of music that express feelings of happiness and sadness, and told our students they can use music to express their own mood.

Students also learned that the flute is the second-oldest instrument (the voice is the oldest) and the only one in the family not currently made of wood. The oboe, bassoon, and clarinet players taught students about reeds, which are small pieces of cane they use to create sound in their instruments. The 7th grade was fascinated to learn that they carve the pieces themselves!

The program ended on a 'high note' when the players surprised Emily S. with a rendition of "Happy Birthday." A wonderful moment was enjoyed by all.

Looking forward to next week's presentations by the percussion and brass families!

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