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Fouder of Durban Capital Speaks to US Business Investment Club
Posted 12/01/2017 12:03PM

Mr. Berman, the founder of Durban Capital and Berman Capital Management LP presented to BIC this week. Mr. Berman shared both business and personal strategies with the group; he revealed that his personal hardships, experience of poverty, and experience of being bullied as a child in South Africa, are part of the foundation of his resilience and subsequent success. Mr. Berman's words were motivational for those who want to succeed in spite of, or because of, the inevitable challenges all people will face. Mr. Berman is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and describes himself as an expert in the retail sector and his mantra is: "determination and perseverance." He is a strong proponent of exhaustive hands-on research including visiting stores, following weather trends, and even examining inventories at specific venues. He prides himself on looking for every legal edge he can find.

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