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ECC Prepares for Sukkot With Sukkah-Building Projects
Posted 09/28/2017 06:13PM

How many creative ways can one build a Sukkah? The children in the ECC experimented, worked together, and discovered new and exciting ways to build a Sukkah in anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

In Nursery Katom, the children built their Sukkah from PVC pipes and enjoyed the detailed, thoughtful, and multistep process. First, they examined the shape of a Sukkah. Then, they agreed it would be best to build a cube-like foundation to support the rest of the Sukkah frame. Before the children began building, they first constructed smaller scale models with straws and tubation pipes. They also created decorations by stringing beads onto pipe cleaners, and hanging them on the inside walls of the larger Sukkah.


Kindergarten children used different materials to build their Sukkot. They used magna-tiles, wood blocks, legos, and straws. The kindergarteners worked together and shared their finished products with classmates and discussed what worked, what didn't work, and why.


The woodworking room was buzzing last week as many classes took on the challenge of building a Sukkah for a very important member of their class – Bentzi. The children figured out how large they would need to make the sukkah, measured it, and then got to work on hammering and gluing the wooden pieces together. The Sukkah is a work in progress and we hope that Bentzi will have a place to eat in on Sukkot.

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