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US Sends 30 Boxes Filled with Yom Tov Snacks to American Soldiers
Posted 09/19/2017 05:19PM

Last week, in time for the High Holidays, the US packed 30 boxes for United States troops, filled with Yom Tov snacks and reading material, and mailed them to American soldiers serving and stationed on faraway bases, including places like Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, and more!

Below are few descriptions of the time and care that was involved in making sure these packages would arrive to their rightful owners:


"We've got homeroom, we have lunch, I'm free during 7th, just tell us what we have to do." HINENI -- here we are!

That's exactly how senior Orli F., juniors Sophia D., Paola M., Shireen S., Tali F. and Violet A. responded. Tedious instructions followed: Every package required a USPS Customs Declaration Note, and a separate PRIORITY MAIL sticker. "Where's the address? What's the name?" they asked. No answer.

Beverly Wolfer sent a spread sheet with Unit and Box numbers, APO, FPO, AE, CMR, PSC codes, noting countries like: Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and Kabul. The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute (MSAWI) is the organization founded by Beverly and her family in memory of her brother, Stuart z"l who was killed while serving in Baghdad. Beverly was one of our presenters on our Day of Service where we packaged Rosh Hashanah gift bags for our American servicemen and women. Each bag was filled with Yom Tov goodies: chicken soup cubes, honey bears, apple chips, dates, canned grape leaves, honey cookies, military issued socks, Torah based essays of interest, personal notes, and calling cards packaged in a small Ziploc bag that included Stars for Our Troops.


What would we do without Charlie? He's THE man at our local post office. Charlie is a veteran of the Korean War, and with unmatched patience, weighs each package, stamping and sealing each meticulously, making sure that all of the information is correct. The postal receipt is 48" long, and each package has its own tracking number too! When our security guard, Mr. Daniel Rosa, who served in Iran, saw the mile high pile of boxes being loaded onto our school's van (thank you Adriana!) he smiled and said, "It meant so much to us when we received these gift packages, thank you." All was mailed in time to reach our soldiers for the chagim.

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