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7th Graders Join Sweet Readers Initiative, To Explore the Arts with Adults Suffering from Alzheimer's
Posted 09/10/2017 02:27PM

This year our 7th graders will be joining the Sweet Readers initiative which facilitates relationships between students that are passionate about the arts, and adults suffering from Alzheimer's, who stand to benefit from various modes of creative human engagement. Together, throughout the span of six weeks, students will work with the elderly to explore and create music, art, poetry, and stories.

If you know an adult who can benefit from participating in this program, please contact Ms. Elisheva Frist at, who can arrange matching our students with members of the Ramaz community.

Please note that students will only begin this program after chagim. Each hourly session will take place on Tuesday mornings in the Upper East Side.

For more information about Sweet Readers, please click here.

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