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Youth Bridge -- A Night of Celebration of Diverse Young Leaders!
Posted 06/15/2017 02:07PM
On Tuesday evening, Youth Bridge-NY's Fellows: juniors Netanel K., Marcus L. and Jacyln W., along with graduating Bridgers, seniors Hannah H. and Molly B., were honored together with fifty three of their peers, whose cultures, traditions and religions are different from theirs. YouthBridge-NY creates opportunities for its diverse young leaders to learn about each other and our city's diversity. Through the fellowship, these young leaders understand how they can solve problems together, making our city and its communities a better place for all.

Ramaz YouthBridgers went through a rigorous selection process, committed to a two year program, and attend monthly meetings during their junior and senior years. They subscribed to skill-building workshops and action committees that appealed to their interests and would promote friendships with diverse peers; it was an eye-opening experience for our students.
Marcus subscribed to Shared Resources for a Shared Future where his team explored the world of grants within the context of diversity. Netanel participated in Engaging Workplace Diversity. His team is trained in workplace diversity in preparation of a six-week summer internship, and Jaclyn's fellows work with a professional photographer to capture the many facets of diversity in NYC: The Cultural Eye.

Ms. DeeDee Benel recommended the Ramaz cohort of YouthBridgers, and she was proud to join with the students' grandparents, parents, siblings, and many New York City distinguished guests in honoring our Fellows.

The principle of respecting Everyman is a value we embrace at Ramaz,
איזהו מכבד? - המכבד את הבריות Who is honored? He who honors his fellow men.

Hannah, Molly, Netanel, Marcus and Jaclyn actualize this ethic, and are role models extraordinaire.
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