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Seniors Teach Sophomore Honors Chemistry Course For The Day!
Posted 05/15/2017 04:41PM
The senior honors chemistry students, having completed their AP exam, took on a new challenge last week. They taught Ms. Brachot's tenth grade honors chemistry classes for a day. A pair of students taught each class: Shelli C. '17 and Jessica F. '17 and Matthew H. '17 and AJ D. '17. They each planned the lesson and taught for the entire period. The seniors did a great job of delivering the material to the class articulately and clearly.

After teaching the sophomores, one senior, Matthew H. reflected, "After four years of learning through high school, it felt very rewarding to experience the process from the opposite perspective, that of the educator. Personally, my grandfather was a chemistry professor at Brooklyn College and tutored numerous PhD candidates. Standing in front of the room with the students' fascinated eyes fixed on me, I felt what I think my grandfather felt; the ability to produce knowledge, to transfer it to another generation, which is truly something very special."
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