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Ramaz Chess Continues Championship Streak With Five-Peat!
Posted 05/15/2017 04:37PM
After another hard-fought season, a 'rebuilding' year, the Ramaz Chess team earned its fifth straight Metropolitan Yeshiva Chess championship, and seventh chess championship in the last nine years. After a 14-0 thrashing of Maayanot, a frustrating 3.5-10.5 loss to MTA, and a 11-3 tour de force against Magen David, the team, led by captains Jacob A. '17, Sam B. '17, and Josh B. '18, found itself once again in a strong position in the postseason. Chess playoffs are a winner-takes-all affair, where four teams come together and play each other. This year, MTA, HALB, Ramaz, and TABC seized the four spots. Unlike other sports, it is not a round robin or bracket situation. Rather, the squads play two or three matches against all the teams and the school with the best record is crowned. Each school plays seven matches with each player allotted 35 minutes on the clock. Matches pit two members of each team (a total of 14 members), a player and a spotter, in intense contests that can last up to over an hour. This year's playoffs ended in a shocking manner. When the dust had cleared, Ramaz, MTA, and TABC were locked into a three-way tie! Each team amassed 4 victories and 3 losses. With no possibility of recourse to break the tie, each team went home content with the championship. Ramaz will play next year for the opportunity to win a 6th straight championship. -- Ariel A. '18

Congratulations to:

David A. '19, Ariel A. '18, Jacob A. '17, Sam B. '17, Josh B.'18, Jonah B.'18, Ari D. '18, Matthew H. '18, Daniel L. '19, Isaac S. '20, Drew K.'18, Joey K. '20, Hudson K. '18, David G. '19, Avi B. '19, Kira B. '20 and Coach Rodger Jaffe.
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