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7th Grade Technology Skills Class Demonstrates Pneumatic Tube System At This Year's MakerXpo!
Posted 05/15/2017 04:33PM
The 7th Grade technology skills class created a demonstration of a pneumatic tube system for the Idea Schools Network MakerXpo last Sunday. Visitors to Ramaz's booth were able to send colored handkerchiefs through the series of tubes and watch as they traveled at high speed through the tubes. They were also able to experiment and discover what shapes traveled best through a straight 24 foot tube. Using tinfoil to mold an object to send through the tubes, participants attempted to beat a ping pong ball which was able to complete the track in nine-tenths of a second.

Pneumatic Tubes were invented in the 1800's and have been used to send messages since the 1830s. In 1870, a prototype subway was built in New York City using pneumatic pressure and transported people for 3 years before shutting down. The US Postal Service used pneumatic tubes to distribute mail in parts of New York from 1897 to 1953. Today, hospitals use pneumatic tube systems to quickly transport medications to floors where patients are treated. Where have you seen a pneumatic tube system? (10 points if it was at this year's MakerXpo.)
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