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7th Grade Pulls off a Fantastic Science Fair Yet Again!
Posted 04/20/2017 11:36AM
After many weeks of hard work, the 7th grade science fair was a huge success! Students were able to pose scientific questions and then discuss their explorations with their peers and teachers. They spoke about what they had learned through their research and explained their findings with great enthusiasm -- MS faculty were asked to judge!

All of the presentations were fantastic -- Great job 7th grade!

First Place:
How Much CO2 Does Each Plant Absorb?
(Ilana P. and Lela K.)
Second Place:
Fake News (Samantha S. and Mya W.)
Stain, Stain, Go Away: Stains vs. Solvents (Clemi R. and Eliana C.)
Third Place:
Distraction Wrecks Reaction (Morris D., Ziv B., Jonah H.)
Ghost Limbs (Joyce C.)
The Mandela Effect: Eyes vs. Ears (David G. and Brayden S.)
Honorable Mention:
Can You Hear the Music? (Samara B. and Gail C.)
Duped or Strooped (Izzie O., Caroline S.)
The Power of Suggestion - (Joshua W., Ben C. and Ezra G.)

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