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Yachad Shabbaton: 26th Anniversary of Celebrating Shabbat With Yachad!
Posted 02/14/2017 12:44PM

Ya'sher Koach to the students, Rabbis, teachers, and KJ/Ramaz families who helped to make our Yachad Shabbaton a memorable and impactful one. This year marked the 26th anniversary of celebrating Shabbat with Yachad friends. Kudos to the student chairpersons of this challenging event: Elisheva G. '17, Megan H.'17, and Abigail H. '18.

Megan spoke at seudah shlishit, and shared some of her personal experiences on Yad B'Yad, a summer program that brings together mainstream high school students and young adults and teens with special needs, as they tour Israel together.

Megan captured the essence of her Yachad experience with humility, authenticity, and passion. Her ma'aseh chesed are an expression of the values we aspire for all of our students, m'chayil l'chayil.

I'm not sure what really compelled me to participate in Yad B'Yad. Maybe it was Tzvi, a friend of mine who has autism, who has come to my shul every week since I was 5. Tzvi always comes in with a huge smile, and invites all the kids to movie nights at his house. Or maybe it was the number of Yachad campers that I have had in my bunk at camp over the years. Whatever it was that compelled me to spend that summer on Yad B'Yad I'm glad I did.

Not because I got to travel Israel, which I did.

Not because I got to snorkel in Eilat which I did.

Not because I toured Tzfat, which I did.

But because I did all these things, Yachad, Yad B'yad, hand in hand, with my wheelchair bound, ABLE friend Zack, and other Yachad participants like him -- and I realized that how we are similar is so much more important than how we're different.

״יחד״ גם אחים שבת נעים ומה טוב מה הנה

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