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Grade 6 Coat of Arms: A Deeper Look Into Personal Identity!
Posted 02/14/2017 12:02PM

As part of the sixth grade history curriculum, the students study the period known as the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, individuals were identified by their Coat of Arms. Coat of Arms were used on the battlefield to identify a person's friends and foes and were often in the shape of a shield. The symbols used on coats of arms were chosen to represent an individual or an entire family.

After careful study, the students were asked to design their own Coat of Arms, including a symbol or picture to represent an important place, a hobby or activity, an animal, and any other symbol of importance. A personal motto was also included and each color represented a special symbol of character. As the students prepared their personal coat of arms and wrote a detailed description, they had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

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