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Torah Bowl: Studying Ki Tetzei, Ki Tavo, and Nitzavim with Rashi!
Posted 02/14/2017 11:53AM

The Ramaz Middle School Torah Bowl team had a terrific day overall at their third meet at Yeshiva of Central Queens. After studying Parshiot Ki Tetzei, Ki Tavo, and Nitzavim with every Rashi, the students displayed adept knowledge of the material. Our girls' team won two of its four matches, and our boys' team is now the top in the division, as we won three of our four matches. The next meet, which will be the playoff round, will take place at the end of March. The coach, Ms. Tzipora Ross, could not be prouder of the Torah the students have learned.

Here is a sample question: What are three things Bnai Yisrael were instructed to do with the stones at Har Eval?

Answer: They should coat the stones with plaster, use them for a mizbeach (altar), and write the Torah on them (in 70 languages).

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