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We Love NYC - Grade 2 Landmark Celebrations
Posted 06/05/2019 01:11PM

Second Graders had their Landmark Celebrations last week! As an interdisciplinary unit, this was a culmination of work they did in reading, writing, art, science, music, and computers! In reading, students researched their landmarks, reading nonfiction texts and taking careful notes to record the information they learned. They learned about personification in writing and used their new skills to write paragraphs from the perspective of their landmarks, telling about the history and importance of their location. The preparations continued in art, where students drew landscapes and designed buildings of their own shape, color, and style. Combining those buildings with bridges that the students engineered in science, the students recreated a full city within the room where the Landmark Celebration took place! The students worked with the computer teachers to film a video, using a green screen background, that enabled the students to show various parts of their landmarks and share interesting facts about those specific areas. All of this hard work came together in a final presentation where the students also sang songs about the city and shared a sound poem where they represented the sounds of their landmarks using Orff instruments such as bass xylophones, glockenspiels, and metallophones. They also implemented public speaking skills as they presented facts to their parents and guests!

For a SMILE and photos from each class's celebration and the fun facts videos please click

Here for Bat Yam photos
Here for Binyamina photos
Here for Beersheva photos
Here for Bnei Brak photos

We are so proud of the second graders!

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