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Teen Scene with Friendship Circle
Posted 05/21/2019 04:03PM

Teen Scene is a new program that started this year. Teenagers, regardless of their "abilities," have very particular needs, unlike their younger or older friends or relatives. Teen Scene is done in partnership with Friendship Circle and meets every Thursday, as a club of sort. We bake cookies, do craft projects that address an American or Jewish holiday, but the Ikkar is we Talk Teen Talk. "How was your day today" begins every session, and no holds barred. Tough exams are noted, unfair grades, a disagreement with a friend, a happy moment, or a scary one too.

Our students especially enjoy the free flowing conversations, and an honesty pervades that is unusual for teens, who most often never want to look less than perfect amid their peers, at risk of bullying, but none of that happens at Teen Scene. The name itself is a pun of sorts, seen and scene: See us for who we are, and let's share our Scenes. The turnout from Ramaz volunteers is always a 2:1 ratio, as our volunteers enjoy this Scene as much as our guests do.

Best is when Lexi says, "My day is good. " When we ask "What makes it good?" and she answers with her head somewhat lowered, "Coming here."

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